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BA335 Business Opportunities in Thailand Field Trip at Chonburi

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Written by Jason Dinsmore, 6002930300
Incoming Exchange Student from University of Richmond, USA
The BA335 (Business Opportunities in Thailand) class trip to Chonburi was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with established Thai companies such as the Erawan Group and Amata Corporation, who offered great insight on their successful business practices in Thailand. I cannot thank the BBA program enough for their generosity, which was illustrated throughout the trip. Our accommodations were excellent and the food was delicious!
My favorite part of the trip was meeting with executives at the Erawan Group and Amata. This unique experience was made possible by the strong relationships and alumni network the BBA program has developed with the Thai business community. The Erawan Group owns a large portfolio of hotels in Thailand and the Philippines, ranging from budget to luxury accommodations. I enjoyed learning about the Pattaya hotel market in greater detail, as well as some trends in global tourism. Amata Corporation is a huge conglomerate, encompassing 31 affiliated companies, 1,250 factories, 338,500 employees, and many industries. It was interesting to learn about the corporation’s plans to expand to other parts of ASEAN, including Myanmar.
The trip came at a perfect time in the semester. After learning in class about many different aspects concerning business in Thailand, it was great to get out of the classroom and speak to experienced businesspeople themselves. The insights they provided further augmented what we have learned in class at Thammasat. I look forward to participating in a few more company visitations around the Bangkok area. This class is a must-take for future exchange students!
Posted date:  November 7, 2017 by Sochaya T.