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Creative Shock 2019 - Team KPN

Written by Sarita Vipasdamrongkul, BBA#27
We are truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of Creative shock 2019 which is the international social business case competition hosted every year in Vilnius, Lithuania with their goal to be a speaker to all social enterprises around the world. The competition really put us on the real-life social business problem and challenge us with creativity and real marketing and management problems. Before departed to Vilnius, in this case competition, we securely need to pass the preliminary round. In the preliminary round, our task is to create a strategic market plan for the social business called “TEXTALE” where they sell second-handed cloth and also modify the left-over to create value rather than waste them. The nature and the local culture were totally obscure questions to us. As we were not really familia with social businesses and its business model, we had been through a lot of ups and downs to get pass through the first round. But when the result announced, coming a bad news was that one of our members could not join the competition anymore due to medical condition left only three of us to compete in Lithuania.

Left with only three people in our team, it was already a pressure for us to do our best in this global competition and represent another member at home. During the time before depart to Lithuania, our team spent a lot of time practicing and researching to understand more about social businesses, their perspective, and the potential problem currently.
However, when it came to the final round, the case was surprising to us as there is no given case on existing business but to build the social business of our own. It was so out of the blue while it required us to work harder as a team and really wrap our head around the problem. At the end, even though we did not made it to the last round, we are so satisfied with our strategies and never regret on presenting our solutions. We was doing our best in the final round and realized that we came so far from the beginning.
This competition put us through a lot of obstacles that had become a sweet memoir for us already. It was not just a case competition, but really it is a place where we got to share differences and exchange thought with people from another side of the earth and that, only, is extremely priceless for me.
At the end, I would like to thank my team on all of your hard work and the chemistry we have together. I can absolutely say that we have been through think and thin together: me, Bonus, Namwan, and lastly Mean who got the dengue fever from when we were practicing for the case. We truly miss you and I am so proud of us!
Posted on February 27, 2020